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International Human Resources Management

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Salary Surveys Domestic & International

Executive Resources provides compensation survey data for both domestic and international locations. We also provide living and working abroad information, and a full suite of expatriate services and products designed to support international employees. .

Salary Survey & Benefit Survey Data

Covering USA and Many International Locations

  • Average Salary & More - cash and non-cash competitive job pricing utilizing ERL's proprietary global survey database
  • Perquisites and Customary Benefits- competitive practice and gap analysis
  • Long Term Rewards- the effective utilization of cash and share-based incentive plans and non-traditional executive share schemes
  • Incentives- Sales and Performance-based practice analysis
  • Director's Pay and Benefits and Stock Based Plans
  • Merit and Inflation Surveys- for budget planning and structure adjusting


Pricing & Methodology Salary Surveys - Locations
Salary Survey Sample Report Merit & Inflation General Survey
Establishing Competitive Reward Plans Stock Techniques

Custom Compensation Surveys

We regularly conduct custom "Club" compensation surveys for various companies, membership organizations and industry groups. Our proprietary web-based applications allow us to customize the data elements to be analyzed while keeping your costs low.


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Strategic Compensation and Benefits Design

  • Reward Systems- analysis and linking pay to individual and business mission
  • Value-Based Retention, Role Profiling, and Competency Plans
  • Sales Incentives- plan development, revision, and administration >> More information
  • Rewarding Team Excellence
  • Job Evaluation and Documentation
  • Custom Remuneration Surveys
  • Plan Stock Registration

Merger & Acquisition Analysis

  • Remuneration Plan Due Diligence >> More On Comp & Benefits Review
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Integration of Reward Policies and Systems
  • Human Capital Evaluations
  • Environmental Scanning

International Assignment Management

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